Chase Secured Credit Card


Are you having an extremely hard time with trying to get a credit card? Every time that you apply for a credit card, not matter what happens you are getting a message and a letter in the mail declining your credit application? You have been searching to see if the Chase Secured Credit Card is still around. Unfortunately the Chase Secured Credit Card was discontinued some years ago with just about no hope of making a comeback. For some reason, Chase Bank decided to be rid of the Chase Secured Credit Card and have replaced it with more cards that are a bit more difficult to get approved for. The closest thing to the Chase Secured Credit Card now offered from Chase would be the Chase Slate Card. So, in this article, we are going to make sure that you at least come to know a bit more about the Chase Slate Card option offered by Chase Bank. We can't promise that you would be approved because it's possible that you need to first repair your credit with the credit bureau's first.

When we take a look now at the Chase Slate Card option, we see that they really have a great introductory rate. Usually, such introductory rates can show to us that you are going to have to jump through a lot of hoops to get it. The Chase Slate Card has been said is an easier card option to get approved for. Also, you may or may not want to check into having a card with overdraft protection as well.

If your credit is in a really bad situation then when it comes to the overdraft protection you maybe should not get involved with it. Overdraft added to your Chase Slate Card would just make it a bit easier if you happened to miss a payment and are having it withdrawn automatically or something like that. Overdraft would only be okay if you have the funds to make sure to fully recover the account as soon as a problem arises. If you aren't able to recover your account quickly, you will soon realize that you are going to have fees added until the day you decide to pay.

The Chase Slate Card, as we stated before, the closest option to a secured card that Chase Bank offers. The Chase Slate Card is not a secured card though. We just want to make sure you understand that the Chase Slate Card is only the closest option that is the easiest card as discussed online as being easier to get approved for than the other options. If you are one of the lucky ones to get approved for the Chase Slate Card, the best advice would just be to stay focused on keeping your account balance paid so that you will not have to endure the headache of extra fees.